About Us


In 2017 the founder Dr Sarah Deacon was privileged to be able to spend her honeymoon traveling through the Australian outback from Adelaide to Darwin and then on to Bali. As a photographer she found the scenery breath-taking and the history and culture of the indigenous people there truly inspiring. She soon realised that there were many things that connected them. The road always challenging, but at certain times of the year can be incredibly dangerous. The native tribes that live there have largely remained true to their roots, living nomadic lifestyles and they must face the challenges of living in such a harsh environment on a day to day basis. The role of family is incredibly important. She believes we have a great deal to learn from their way of life, as from many indigenous cultures around the world for sustainable living.

During the journey the founder and her husband collected various small pieces of Aboriginal art and with plenty of time for discussion on the long journey, they fully immersed themselves in their surroundings. The art they collected inspired her to develop her own brand Bush Medicine. 

The business was launched in 2018 and the designs initially took inspiration from the Aboriginal Art they collected during their travels in Australia, using her own colour palette to create prints to reflect nature, family, wellness and healing. Subsequently this has developed further using photographs and hand-drawn illustrations to create fun and vibrant pieces. They now focus on producing wearable and functional art, in the form of clothing such as dance / sports / athleisure wear and soft furnishings / furniture and art prints. There are other products in the pipeline such as skin care products based on natural ingredients and stationary for people with dyslexia.